Online Blackjack No Deposit Bonuses for Canadian Players

Online blackjack is one of Canada’s most popular casino table games, as most Canadians love the fact that it is a casino game with the lowest house edge set at only 0.4 percent if played right, of course. However, that exact fact makes finding online casino blackjack no deposit bonus promotions so hard. Still, it is not impossible. Our list of the top online blackjack no deposit bonus options will tell you about online casinos where you can go to in order to claim such no deposit offers. 

However, for now, let’s learn more about what kind of no deposit blackjack bonuses there are, how to claim them, what to be aware of and more. Read on! 

What Are No Deposit Blackjack Casino Bonuses?

Blackjack no deposit casino bonuses belong to a broad group of no deposit bonuses, but with a particular focus on different blackjack games. As their name suggests, no deposit bonuses are casino bonuses where players receive a certain amount of cash or any other casino reward without having to make an initial deposit.

Players are more accustomed to seeing another form of bonuses in online casinos, known as deposit bonuses. These bonuses require you to deposit a certain amount before a casino matches it entirely or at least a part of it in bonus funds. However, no deposit bonuses don’t work that way. 

Newly registered blackjack players will receive a blackjack casino no deposit bonus immediately after registering their accounts for the first time in that casino. No deposit bonuses are a great way of testing offered blackjack games and learning more about their payout frequencies and other info without risking your real money. Sure, the no deposit bonuses might not be that generous in size. However, you can still use them to earn real money, which is probably the most significant advantage of these no deposit blackjack bonuses or any no deposit bonuses. 

In truth, you won’t encounter many no deposit casino bonuses that are specifically for blackjack games. More often than not, the no deposit bonus funds you receive can be spent on various table and slot games, including blackjack. Yet, some online casinos across Canada target online blackjack players in particular and will issue bonuses for the classic European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, and many other types.

These online blackjack free bonus no deposit promotions are our focus and will be presented in detail. 

What Are the Types of Blackjack No Deposit Bonuses? 

There are a couple of types and forms of blackjack no deposit bonuses. The majority of these bonuses are aimed at Canadians who want to register their accounts for the first time. Let’s learn more about these blackjack casino no deposit bonus types. 

No Deposit Blackjack Welcome Bonus 

The most common type of blackjack no deposit bonuses are the ones reserved for new players, and they are in the form of bonus cash. Namely, Canadians who sign up for the first time in a no deposit casino will receive a certain amount of bonus money they can use on selected blackjack games. That amount is rarely over C$25, but the fact that the bonus can generate real cash winnings is reason enough to claim such bonuses.

As is the case with most online casino bonuses, the no deposit blackjack bonuses have specific wagering requirements, and other conditions players need to satisfy before turning the bonus money into real cash and taking it home. The wagering requirements are only one part of the bonus story, as there are time limits to it and other restrictions we will discuss in subsequent paragraphs. 

However, it is worth noting that there are even some blackjack wager-free no deposit bonuses that have no playthrough or wagering requirements. This means that whatever players earn from the bonus are theirs to keep. However, these are the rarest of all online blackjack free no deposit bonus types. 

No Deposit Blackjack Free Play Welcome Bonus 

Another type of no deposit bonuses that can be used on blackjack games is the free play or free time bonus. The free play bonus is a time-restricted bonus where players are given a certain amount of chips to use on blackjack games and try to turn them into real money wins. The amount you get can be worth C$100 or even much more, but the time restrictions are really harsh. You will get only about 15 minutes to use the chips and generate as much bonus money as possible. After that, you will have to wager the amount won a number of times on your favourite blackjack games in order to cash the winnings out as real money. 

How to Claim a No Deposit Blackjack Bonus 

Getting hold of any online blackjack no deposit bonus is quite straightforward and usually consists of a few simple steps. First of all, players need to register their accounts by providing personal details to a casino to verify them. Now, depending on the casino in question, players must enter a specific bonus code. These bonus codes are represented in the form of numbers and letters generated by the casino so that players can insert them in the indicated field and thus activate the no deposit blackjack bonus. The bonus codes are usually found on the casino’s homepages or some affiliate sites. 

However, some Canadian online casinos have decided to skip the bonus code part and automatically activate the online casino blackjack no deposit bonus as soon as players register their accounts. Upon registration, you will see a certain amount of bonus cash in your bankroll, and you can use it on the indicated blackjack games. 

Lastly, claiming the blackjack no deposit bonus might involve reaching out to the customer support via live chat or email. You will indicate that you want to use the no deposit funds by contacting them, so an agent will manually add the bonus cash to your account. Sometimes, the agent might chip in a few extra dollars as a token of the casino’s goodwill. 

After you have received the bonus money, you can head to the lobby and initiate some of the blackjack games that are a part of the bonus scheme. 

What Are the No Deposit Blackjack Bonus Terms and Conditions? 

As we pointed out earlier, the blackjack no deposit bonuses have certain restrictions and terms of use that all players need to read in detail before opting to claim the prize in the first place. After all, what good is a no deposit bonus if you can’t turn it into a chance to earn some real money, right?!

Here are a couple of the universal terms and conditions of blackjack no deposit bonus you need to look out for. 

The Playthrough (Wagering) Requirements

The playthrough requirements, a.k.a. wagering requirements, represent a number of times a player is required to wager the amount of the bonus or the winnings generated from the bonus before cashing them out as real money. The usual wagering requirements are between 5x and 60x times the amount of the online blackjack no deposit bonus. However, one thing related to these requirements is crucial — wagers on different games contribute to meeting the requirements to a specific extent. This aspect of no deposit blackjack bonuses is not very lenient. 

Usually, all bets on blackjack games contribute between 5 and 10% towards the requirements. This means that your C$50 bet will be worth only C$5 in terms of the playthrough requirements, resulting in you spending a great deal of time betting before finally satisfying the rollover. 

Time Frame of the Bonus 

Another integral part of online casino blackjack no deposit bonus promotions is the bonus’ time limit or expiration date. Most casinos will require you to use the bonus within the indicated time unless you want to see the funds forfeit. What is also important is that you will have to meet the wagering requirements within the stated time. Otherwise, all winnings generated with the bonus cash will be void. The usual time frame of the no deposit blackjack bonus is around 7–10 days from the moment of receiving the bonus. 

Game Restrictions 

You need to know that not all blackjack games can be played with the no deposit bonus cash. Casinos will indicate the exact blackjack games you can play, and these mostly include the popular blackjack versions, like Atlantic City Blackjack, Pontoon, Spanish 21, and others. Unfortunately, some more exotic types, like the Progressive Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Super 21, are usually excluded. Another essential information here is that bets placed on these selected few blackjack games contribute to meeting the wagering requirements, so be mindful of that. 

Maximum Winnings Cap 

Almost all online casinos will impose a cap on the winnings you can generate using the online blackjack free bonus no deposit funds. This way, casinos are protecting themselves from losing too much to players since, in all honesty, that wouldn’t be a sustainable business model. The maximum winning cap depends on the casino, but you can expect it to be between C$50 and C$100. This means that, even if you end up winning C$500 or more with the blackjack casino no deposit bonus, you can withdraw only C$100, while the rest remains in the casino’s possession. 

Why Should Canadians Claim the Blackjack No Deposit Bonus?

Canadians, like all other casino players, love freebies, and who can blame them. The blackjack no deposit bonuses are a magnificent way of testing blackjack games in an online casino and learning about the payouts and other important details without having to risk your own money. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to hone your playing skills. You will use the bonus to play a few hands and ultimately get better at blackjack.

Furthermore, no deposit bonus offers a chance to win real money. Naturally, you would have to meet the wagering and other requirements first, but in the end, if you are good at playing blackjack and you have Lady Luck on your side, you can succeed and walk away with money in your pocket. 


Canadians are big on table card games, and blackjack is one of their favourite types. If you are a Canadian looking for the best online casino blackjack no deposit bonuses, check out this list of casinos and claim the bonus that suits your playing style best. Remember, you can play online blackjack risk-free with no deposit bonuses and ultimately generate real cash from the bonus. Just make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions before claiming the bonus so that there is no room for unpleasant surprises. Good luck!


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